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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timber frame house?2019-03-29T16:15:11+02:00

A Timber framed house is a house where the frame is constructed from timber.

The frame uses the highest grade treated timber and a cladding option of your choice:

  • Shiplap 140mm x 32 mm Saligna
  • Loglap 100mm x 21mm / 100mm x 32mm
  • Nutec Fibre Cement 7.5mm

All over the world people have been using timber frame construction for centuries, from the early Vikings to the more modern and developed world. One famous example is the Great eastern temple in Japan built in the early 8th century and still standing today 100’s of years later.

The look and design is totally yours. Being it a rustic mountain or forest cabin to a modern designed family home or a nice family getaway close to the beach.

Timber frame houses takes less time and energy to construct and uses virtually no water in the construction process, which is an added benefit in the water crisis we are facing nowadays. Timber is also natural insulator which means temperatures will not fluctuate that much during summer and winter.

Moving into your dream home can start earlier since the building process is shorter.

What is Nutec or Fibre Cement?2019-03-29T16:13:26+02:00

Fibre cement or Nutec as it is more commonly known, is a substance very similar to asbestos but without the health risks. It can be used to clad various structures from a dog kennel, garden cottages and Wendy houses through to your larger family homes.

It complies with all the standards of the SABS and is specifically for the cladding of outside structures.

The boards looks just like dry cement and is available in a timber grain pattern giving it the look of timber when it is painted.

The benefits of using Nutec or Fibre Cement as a cladding material are:

  • Exceptional load bearing capacity
  • Cost competitive
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Watertight
  • Hail resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Fungus and Rodent resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Can be painted with an acrylic PVA or any type of water based paint without pre-treatment
  • It provides an out of the ordinary solution for internal and external cladding
  • Available in a plain and textured wood grain finish
How long does it take to construct a timber frame Nutec house when compared to a brick and mortar house?2018-10-16T13:43:40+02:00

Construction time will vary with the size of the house.  Smaller houses can be completed within 3 weeks and the construction time is typically much faster than that of a brick and mortar house.

Are timber frame and Nutec houses built to a specific standard?2019-03-29T16:15:18+02:00

Yes, we build our timber frame houses in strict accordance with the building codes of the South African National Standards (SANS 10082).

Will I be able to apply for a bond with a South African bank to finance the building of a timber frame Nutec house?2019-03-29T16:15:25+02:00

Yes, all the major South African banks will consider any timber frame Nutec house built in accordance to SANS 10082 for financing.

Will I be able to insure my timber frame Nutec house in South Africa?2019-03-29T16:15:31+02:00

Yes, your timber frame Nutec house will be insured by South African insurance companies if built in accordance to SANS 10082.

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